2020.1.22 Release

Digital Release

「Step by Step (Kan Sano Remix)」

Step by Step (Kan Sano Remix)


2019.10.30 Release

1st Album

「Rocket Science」

Rocket Science

¥2,800(tax out)

1 Rocket Science
2 This is how I feel
3 Fly Away feat. Kan Sano
4 I can't seem to let you go
5 Ambiguous
6 Life Line
7 I'll be fine
8 Step by Step
9 Alright
10 20
11 Memories
12 More than enough
-Bonus track-
13 Catch Me If You Can (Fly Away feat. Kan Sano)
14 Chromatic Melancholy (Ambiguous)
15 AYUMI (Life Line)

2019.10.2 Release

Digital Release

「Life Line」

2019.8.28 Release

Digital Release



2019.7.24 Release

Digital Release

「Fly Away feat. Kan Sano」

Fly Away feat. Kan Sano

2019.4.10 Release


「breakfast for dinner」

breakfast for dinners

¥1,500(tax out)

1 This is how I feel
2 Memories
3 Remember Me
4 This Kind of Love
5 Alright(Acoustic version)

All songs written by DedachiKenta

2018.12.5 Release

1st EP 両A面7inchアナログ盤

「This is how I feel / Memories」

This is how I feel / Memories